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Cheeky monkey, scribbler, shutterbug, clutterbug, night owl, nympho and cry baby. I love
belly laughter, books, and light cast by birthday candles, and when I die I'd like to come
back as a corset. I have 2 beautiful babies, Ashton & Sadie, the little candy apples of my
eye. My husband is my oxygen, my children are my vitamins, & friendship is the fuel of
my existence. James Marsters & Joaquie Phoenix rock my wacky li'l world & I'm cuckoo
not for cocopuffs but for Milla, Marilyn, movies, mail, freckles, and the endless
charm of yellow.

A handful of my heroes are Albert Einstein, Jim Henson, Joss Whedon, Super Grover
and Drew Barrymore. Addictions include horror flicks, coffee, paper, alliteration, and
clippings. I live in pigtails, go to work in my pajamas, and swear that chocolate
milk runs through my veins. In short, you could sum me up by saying I have a
cluttered heart, my head inthe clouds, and a crush on every god damn thing
that moves. :)

Please pay a visit to this darling duo's dynamic Drew site!
Dear friends of mine - and mad-passionate Drew fans!
Go let the collecting bug bite'cha in the ass! :)

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And it ain't on the map, but this is Missyville...

adriana caselotti, albert einstein, alchemy, alliteration, anais nin, androgyny, anne frank, annie, apples, bagpipes, bettie page, betty boop, bif naked, bruce campbell, bryce dallas howard, buffy, buffyverse, bukowski, burlesque, cameras, chocolate milk, christmas, clippings, conan, corsets, criss angel, cupcakes, dalai lama, david blaine, dexter, drew barrymore, e.e. cummings, emily strange, faeries, fairuza balk, faith no more, fiona apple, francesca lia block, frankenstein, freckles, froud, gandalf, gothic lolita, greys anatomy, grover, gwyneth paltrow, halloween, hayley mills, hearts, heavy metal, heroes, holly mcnarland, horror, indians, ireland, james marsters, japan, jeff buckley, joaquin phoenix, judy garland, kate winslet, kay hanley, kevin kline, knee highs, kurt halsey, laughter, legwarmers, lenore, lilies, lipgloss, little apple dolls, little prince, little twin stars, lolita, lollipops, lord of the rings, lost, luke cheuh, magazines, marilyn monroe, mascara, mashed potatos, maurice sendak, mermaids, metaphysics, mia farrow, michael c hall, milla jovovich, misfits, mohawks, monkeys, muppets, mustangs, napoleon dynamite, neutral milk hotel, no doubt, owls, paper, pauley perrette, people watching, pez, philosophy, photo booths, photography, pippi longstocking, polaroids, punky brewster, raggedy ann & andy, rain, rainbow brite, regina spektor, rimbaud, robin tunney, rollerskates, roswell, sarah michelle gellar, sassy, scars, scrubs, sesame street, shirley temple, six feet under, skulls, smallville, snail mail, snow white, snowflakes, stardust, strawberry shortcake, superman, synchronicity, tattoos, the crow, the doors, the hobbit, the office, the runaways, tolkien, tori amos, umbrellas, vampires, varga girls, walk the line, winona ryder, witches, wonderwoman, words, yellow, zombies, zoolander