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[Apr. 22nd, 2005|04:30 am]
[music |Bif Naked - Chotee]

More homework from that 'Is there an area of my
place you've been dying to see?
' thingamajiggy:

Btw, I know I'm being lazy by doing all the easy ones
first... but since we're in the process of moving, many
things are already packed up + have to wait 'til they're
finally freed from boxes... therefore I plucked an easy
one from mayflymasonjar's list, one of which
simply said: 'you you you'. :)

Rather though than take boring old hum drums that
would look like a hundred others, I got my freak on
in the form of a pink wig and my birfday suit... heh
heh. :) Really though the wig was more to cover up
the naughty & wobbly bits - to borrow from Bridget. :)

Idea inspired more than anything by an unbelievable
drawing Adrian drew me a couple years back. I figured
if she wanted to see *ME* I'd at least *TRY* to look
exactly as she saw me in her head that night she put
me to paper. :)

Pretty wonderful how friends see
you SO beautifully, isn't it? :)

The way hair looks in water might be one of the
most exquisite looking things in this world...

Thank you, Adrian. And thank you from James, too. He came
home tonight with groceries and found a mermaid in the bath
tub... ha ha! Said he felt like he was Tom Hanks in Splash! :)

From: xwitchesx
2005-04-22 06:44 am (UTC)
p i n k ...
i will be back for *this* later!
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[User Picture]From: freefallingirl
2005-04-22 10:22 am (UTC)
what are you doing to my poor little heart?

Tori yesterday and the beauty of you today...

"sometimes theres just too much beauty in the world i feel like i can't take it.."
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[User Picture]From: zero__
2005-04-22 10:43 am (UTC)
i couldn't believe that you wrote those last few sentences b/c the first thing i thought of was "mermaid" - you don't look real in these pictures. i think you succeeded in bringing a painting to life.
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[User Picture]From: freefallingirl
2005-04-22 10:51 am (UTC)
so much here...

Your tattoos swimming in the water.. your closed eyelids and those gorgeous lashes. You're a mischevious mermaid! That little look you give the camera..

this statement:

The way hair looks in water might be one of the
most exquisite looking things in this world...

You are so fucking cool! I have always thought that but never been able to put that into such eloquent words. I remember being a little girl with hair down to my butt, in the bath. I'd lay down and swish my hair around.. making it swim through the water. I used to be so entranced by it.. watching it.. being tripped out by how much it changes emmersed in liquid. I used to be a fish in the water, constantly in the pool, day in and day out. And again, I used to be so amazed by hair in the water! I hated having long hair back then (my mom forced me to keep it long) but when it was in the water, i loved it. I felt like a mermaid. And dude, you are just toooo rad for saying what you did about it!

That last shot.. your lashes. And the sparkles around them.. Holy shit! Thats art!

You remind me of someone in these. Perhaps an old movie star. only with cotton candy hair. hehe.

I think its Marilyn..


oh and James' comment about Spash! TOO CUTE! His only little fantasy huh? I love Splash. It was on tv not too long ago. That was one of my fave movies of all time too. I wanted to be Madison!

and how neat that you've posted mermaid pics when i just met tori yesterday! and the title of my entry..

I'm so overwhelmed right now. In such a great way!
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[User Picture]From: freefallingirl
2005-04-22 11:15 am (UTC)
after i reread my note i realized I sounded kind of selfish and self involved. I dont like this.

this entry is about YOU! And I just took it over with my note.

you are the amazing one.

Btw. I'm at work right now and I just showed Kym these images. She goes, "WOW! She looks SO PRETTY!" hehe.. For sure man, for sure!

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[User Picture]From: secretbutterfly
2005-04-22 11:51 am (UTC)

no adequate words

I think I've died and gone to heaven.
mmm25<--oh my god, you look like milla there!! The nose and the enigmatic smile!!
Every time I see the heart and daisies I think of the posts you made about when you got them. [biker cacti!!!]
You really look otherworldly.
amazing amazing amazing, as I think Adrian might say.
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From: xwitchesx
2005-04-22 12:29 pm (UTC)
pink is completely YOU.
the lashes.
the wisps.
the sparkles.
the drips.
the ink.
the organs.
the view.
the visions.
the scales.
the drowning.
the liquid.
the sounds.
the cold.

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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: freefallingirl
2005-04-22 03:17 pm (UTC)
What a cool note! That's PERFECT! I was just thinking about Francesca this morning. And thinking how my life lately has almost seemed like one of her books.

especially yesterday!

you're awesome Raina.
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[User Picture]From: mayflymasonjar
2005-04-22 08:24 pm (UTC)
you wicked wonderful beautiful crrrrrrrreature

[at amy's cousin's house...otherwise would be bleeding myself dry into this note]

when i can when i can. YOU are sneaking into MY dreams tonight [& every waking thought]

mermaid...witch...whatever :) all my love to you you you + James James too :)

...........MORE!!!!! i swear *by every flower*
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[User Picture]From: missmarmalade
2005-04-22 10:04 pm (UTC)
Venus said it best...Pink is completely you.

I'd let every last strand of that cotton candy
head of yours melt in my mouth. Dip my toes
in the water. See swirls of hearts & daisies
underneath the waves. You swimming deep below.

No mermaid has ever compared.

& smudged eyes are too sexy for this girl!

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[User Picture]From: calcination
2005-04-23 08:07 am (UTC)
ah, look at my little camtwinny up there, looking exquistely nakie and pink. so cute.

annnd... am i missing something? is the daisy tattoo new? it's so hard to keep up with you :) i love it though, i've often though about getting daisies but they're so hard to make look right, you know? i'm sure you know :)

like jo, i have also LOVED the way that hair behaves in water, how it becomes kinda thicker and softer. ahhhhhh so awesome.


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[User Picture]From: daisy_princess
2005-04-24 11:54 am (UTC)

i don't think i could possibly find the words right now.

pink hair, pretty tattoos, bangs in your eyes, glitter, mermaid, you

it's like a system OVERLOAD!

thank you so very much for sharing these WORKS OF ART.

my computer screen hasn't been so scrumptious in awhile.

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[User Picture]From: mayflymasonjar
2005-04-25 06:48 pm (UTC)
aeroplanes take you away again
are you flying over where we live?

when i look up.. a glare in my eyes

:) :)

holy hot..and cold... and fever...and blood draining from my every limb.

baby, lady.... i'm on the island... surrounded by water and you and you and YOU.

with everything that's in and about me right now... these here, you there... have been the nucleus of everything driving and running. like a hamster running in a wheel!!!! an entire whirling force... creating and spinning and imprisoning with each pace... :) no but no, it's a place i trap myself in and throw out all keys.

you and me here. you there..REALIZED!!!!! from paper to pictures...imagination slips into physical world.... pen and ink you were...and there you are HERE you are :)!!!!!!!!! my wildest dreams and fantasies...fucking REALIZED!!!!!! i'm telling you..this is who you are in my head [one part]... [[you run and run in there corner to corner...this is where you are..who you are in the swampy cattail growing corners... here you are]]

oh my GOD :) i'm tripping over my tongue! i can hardly make sense ..but it's impossible to describe what eludes words by their every definition. you miss Missy float over mouse traps or any trap or snare i've layed out to catch a description of... giggling + sparking white + pink flares... i can't catch you if i tried!!!

:) :) :)


in love.twitterpated.obsessed. give it any name. i'm guilty :)


i'm here... didn't know you'd beaten me to this shore


i LOVEEEEEEEEE you. all the whitest. XOXOXO adi
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[User Picture]From: uninvited_guest
2005-04-27 04:36 am (UTC)
wow how gorgeous are you?!

I bet James felt like the luckiest guy alive coming home to that! ;)
tee hee!
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[User Picture]From: flutterbugg
2005-05-24 01:51 am (UTC)

Nobody, repeat - NOBODY can wear pink tresses (be it in the form of a wig, or you very own badass bleached 'do from a few years back) quite like you!
Youre the ultimate kitten - ya got the sparkle in your eyes, the playful curve in your smile - youre so striking you practically leap off the screen (if ONLY!!)

Im in love with SO many of these (32,40,65,98,89,29) but wanna know which one sent my heart into spasms?? 12... oh lord those freckles! annnnnnnnnnnnd the closed angel eyes you KNOW do things to me...
the freckles tho - eek!

How can one be so freakin' cute AND exquisitely SEXY all at once?

'34' is pure beauty... the window to *your* soul - how could it be anything ELSE?

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[User Picture]From: notesforher
2005-05-24 02:03 am (UTC)
Note faerie,

I just about soiled myself just now, seeing this pop up! Ha ha!

Your comments make me float ten feet off the ground! And remember,
Ultimate Fantasy-Face - this is the shoot where there are some very
risque outtakes - snapped just for you!

Sending now... just gotta dig 'em upsky!

Thank you for this, Esther!!!!
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